About Us - How it works

At Cashthis.net has got a very simple mode of operation and here are the major steps that one can take to get a payday loan with us. We offer our services online to all Utah residents who are in need of cash.

Fill in application form

The application form is simple - you fill in the most essential fields with personal info and add the proofs of your age, residence and employment (+income) and that is basically all.


After we receive your information, we forward it to the most appropriate lenders and search for the best offer. Then the best lender provides their approval and we get to the next stage.


When both parts have found the terms to agree upon, the agreement is signed. It is done electronically with e-Signature technology; this process also takes very little time and excludes the tedious need in paperwork and so on.

Get your funds

After these steps the money is transferred to a borrower's bank account in a matter of hours. If it is a holiday, or a weekend day, there is a possibility that it is transferred next day. However, it is still the fastest credit option now at the loan market.

Cashthis.net net does not perform any credit operations directly and provide loans on its own accord; however, it service to match lenders and customers at the best terms for both. We have a very broad network of lenders in Utah that are eager to help any person in the state of financial emergency. We only deal with the lenders who operate legally in Utah and comply with the state laws and also only with those who do not carry out credit checks. We do take care about our bad credit customers and make sure that any borrower was satisfied with our service.

It was really hard with all the bills piling up out of a blue and my car won't budge ...and I am so glad I could get all this cash so fast, so easily - I really had no idea what to do, I was lost. With this payday loan service unplanned expenses are much easier to handle - they are not that stressful.
Marion Kerr
This was my first loan of this sort and I wasn't sure about the company at all; however, they do seem pretty reliable - I got cash fast, no hassle, as they say, and no long waits, and no credit checks either(!). I also repaid it when the time was due and that's basically it. So far it was the most convenient service I've tried.
Stan L.